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The Too Young For The Sh*t gals of the breast cancer podcast were featured in the media to bring awareness that cancer doesn’t discriminate, the importance of monthly screenings, and advocating for your health. They also talked about the importance of creating a supportive community for young women going through this horrible disease, so no one is alone in this journey.

Too Young For This Shit Media - Kelly Clarkson Show
Featuring Hosts of A Breast Cancer Podcast, Rosalina and Shauna. Breast Cancer Awareness Year-Round
B-Present, The Bond of a Breast Cancer Best Friend Featuring the Gals from the Breast Cancer Podcast TYFTS.
Meet Rosalina Felipe | Host of A Breast Cancer Podcast TYFTS & Advocate For Young Women’s Health
Breast health. Breast cancer. Meet Rosalina, host of a breast cancer podcast TYFTS. She has seen both and shares a bit of her journey with us.
Shauna, host of a breast cancer podcast, TYFTS, was diagnosed with stage 3 hormone positive breast cancer at the age of 32. She had a double mastectomy, lymph node removal surgery, completed 16 rounds of chemo, and 25 rounds of radiation in 2021.
Cancer Wellness Magazine - People in the cancer community give perspective on the portrayal of cancer in movies and television, and all the things they wish the media knew about the journey featuring Rosalina from Too Young For This Shit Breast Cancer Podcast