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Too Young For This Shit is an AYA breast cancer podcast sharing authentic breast cancer stories while creating a supportive space for those affected by breast cancer. Our mission is to empower, educate and create a sense of relatability so that no woman feels isolated or alone in their journey.

Too Young For This Shit
Too Young For This Shit

Meet Rosalina and Shauna, two young millennials living on separate coasts who share real stories about their breast cancer diagnosis. We created this podcast to bring awareness of this disease to young women and create a supportive space where no one is alone on this journey. We dive deep into our treatment plans, journeys, struggles, and mental health while navigating life in this “new” normal. With every episode, our mission is to educate, empower, connect, and bring laughter. We are open and honest about our experiences and committed to learning and growing right alongside you.

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E13B – Season 2 Finale: What It Feels Like To Have New Foobs
byRosalina and Shauna

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Shauna and Rosalina have finally had their exchange surgeries! In this episode, the ladies share their feelings and experiences on surgery day. They discuss how they are healing post-surgery, what they found helpful during recovery, and their thoughts and expectations about their final results. While Shauna is loving her new foobs, Rosalina is still getting used to them.

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E13B – Season 2 Finale: What It Feels Like To Have New Foobs
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