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Breast Cancer Resources


This section links important breast cancer resources, from how to perform a self-breast exam to what you should expect when diagnosed with breast cancer. First and foremost, be informed about your stage, gene mutation (if applicable), and breast cancer type to learn about your surgery and treatment options.

Breast Cancer Organizations We Love

When Rosalina and Shauna were diagnosed, they hunted to find organizations supporting breast cancer in young women, but luckily they’ve already done the homework for you. Here are links to breast cancer resources that they love and support. These organizations support AYAs in many different ways, from supporting previvors, survivors, and stage IV thrivers, creating a space for young women to submit and share their stories in cancer magazines, meetups to meet other AYAs with a similar diagnosis, retreats, representing minority women, and providing up to date information about breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer Resources From The Too Young For This Shit Podcast